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Re: pci passthrough issue introduced between 4.14.1 and 4.15.0

AL13N schreef op 2021-06-01 16:48:
AL13N schreef op 2021-06-01 16:44:
Jan Beulich schreef op 2021-06-01 16:33:
On 01.06.2021 16:06, AL13N wrote:
Jan Beulich schreef op 2021-06-01 12:08:
On 01.06.2021 09:36, AL13N wrote:
Not 100% it's a bug or something i did wrong, but,

with xl create i start a PV with 3 pci passthroughs

after wards, xl pci-list shows all 3 nicely

looking at the domU boot logs, pcifront is only creating one pci
and lspci in the guest shows only 1 pci entry

in at least 4.14.1 it still works.

This reminds me of my report at

Meanwhile the proposed pciback change has gone in upstream:

I wasn't, however, aware that this may have been an issue going
from 4.14.1 to 4.15.0, i.e. something that was presumably (as
George also has just said) a regression in the tools. Or else I
probably wouldn't have suggested taking care of this in Linux.
Nevertheless you may want to give that change a try.

Well, both tests have only different tools en hypervisor, no kernel was changed between both tests, neither in dom0 or domU , so, it might not
be pciback?

Well, if the problem was introduced in the tools and this having been
the reason for me running into the same or a similar issue, the patch
may still address the issue, even if - in case it's a regression in
the tools - it would have been better to also address the issue there. As said, when analyzing the issue I didn't have indications of changed tool stack behavior, i.e. I assumed the problem would have always been

Yeah after rereading the thread, i got this impression.

though after looking at a quick grep:

[alien@localhost xen]$ git log RELEASE-4.14.1..RELEASE-4.15.0
--oneline --decorate -- tools/xl/ | grep -i pci
bdc0799fe2 libxlu: introduce xlu_pci_parse_spec_string()
96ed6ff297 libxlu: introduce xlu_pci_parse_spec_string()
929f231140 libxl: introduce 'libxl_pci_bdf' in the idl...
c00da82355 libxl: add libxl_device_pci_assignable_list_free()...
7499b22ba1 libxl: make sure callers of libxl_device_pci_list() free
the list after use
6c2590967f xl: s/pcidev/pci where possible

it doesn't seem like one of these? (well, i've not familiar with any
of the xen code)

This mailing list is the correct place for the toolstack too? right?

i forgot the libs....

[alien@localhost xen]$ git log RELEASE-4.14.1..RELEASE-4.15.0
--oneline --decorate -- tools/libs/light/ | grep -i pci
9cd5bbf536 libxl / libxlu: support 'xl pci-attach/detach' by name
57bff091f4 libxl: add 'name' field to 'libxl_device_pci' in the IDL...
d473d74af3 libxl: stop setting 'vdevfn' in pci_struct_fill()
8bf0fab142 libxl / libxlu: support 'xl pci-attach/detach' by name
5ab684cb3e libxl: introduce
libxl_pci_bdf_assignable_add/remove/list/list_free(), ...
66c2fbc6e8 libxl: convert internal functions in libxl_pci.c...
929f231140 libxl: introduce 'libxl_pci_bdf' in the idl...
413fd4e4e9 libxl: use COMPARE_PCI() macro is_pci_in_array()...
c00da82355 libxl: add libxl_device_pci_assignable_list_free()...
7499b22ba1 libxl: make sure callers of libxl_device_pci_list() free
the list after use
f8cfb85719 libxl: remove get_all_assigned_devices() from libxl_pci.c
4951b9ea80 libxl: remove unnecessary check from libxl__device_pci_add()
fe91a3aadc libxl: generalise 'driver_path' xenstore access functions
in libxl_pci.c
b5429d65e1 libxl: stop using aodev->device_config in libxl__device_pci_add()... a825ab3a6b libxl: remove extraneous arguments to do_pci_remove() in libxl_pci.c
33e1c5a5a8 libxl: s/detatched/detached in libxl_pci.c
d8cba539f2 libxl: add/recover 'rdm_policy' to/from PCI backend in xenstore
0fdb48ffe7 libxl: Make sure devices added by pci-attach are reflected
in the config
fce69998ed libxl: make libxl__device_list() work correctly for
e43780f15f libxl: s/pcidev/pci and remove DEFINE_DEVICE_TYPE_STRUCT_X

what is this "f8cfb85719 libxl: remove get_all_assigned_devices() from
libxl_pci.c" doesn't it seems sus?

or maybe "7499b22ba1 libxl: make sure callers of libxl_device_pci_list() free the list after use" , if between adding pci, it also does the list and then maybe it gets freed and thus stops after the first one?

sounds like a longshot, tbh...

anyone have an idea which it might be? or should i look in other places?



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