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pci passthrough issue introduced between 4.14.1 and 4.15.0

Not 100% it's a bug or something i did wrong, but,

with xl create i start a PV with 3 pci passthroughs

after wards, xl pci-list shows all 3 nicely

looking at the domU boot logs, pcifront is only creating one pci device and lspci in the guest shows only 1 pci entry

in at least 4.14.1 it still works.

looking deeper, if you start with only 1 entry or 0 and you do pci-attach for the other pci entries, all of this works fine.

this is the pci section in question:

pci=['0000:04:00.0,permissive=1', '0000:00:1a.0,permissive=1,rdm_policy=relaxed,seize=1', '0000:00:1d.0,permissive=1,rdm_policy=relaxed,seize=1']

this works fine in 4.12.1 and 4.14.1, but fails in 4.15.0, however

booting with pci=['0000:04:00.0,permissive=1'] and then doing

[]# xl pci-attach <domain> '0000:00:1a.0,permissive=1,rdm_policy=relaxed,seize=1' []# xl pci-attach <domain> '0000:00:1d.0,permissive=1,rdm_policy=relaxed,seize=1'

also works,


Maarten (alien on Libera and OFTC)



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