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Re: [PATCH v4 3/4] xen: Add files needed for minimal riscv build

On 5/25/21 12:13 PM, Bob Eshleman wrote:
On 5/25/21 1:48 AM, Jan Beulich wrote:
On 24.05.2021 16:34, Connor Davis wrote:
Add arch-specific makefiles and configs needed to build for
riscv. Also add a minimal head.S that is a simple infinite loop.
head.o can be built with

$ make XEN_TARGET_ARCH=riscv SUBSYSTEMS=xen -C xen tiny64_defconfig
$ make XEN_TARGET_ARCH=riscv SUBSYSTEMS=xen -C xen TARGET=head.o

No other TARGET is supported at the moment.

Signed-off-by: Connor Davis <connojdavis@xxxxxxxxx>
  config/riscv.mk                         |  4 +++
  xen/Makefile                            |  8 +++--
  xen/arch/riscv/Kconfig                  | 47 +++++++++++++++++++++++++
  xen/arch/riscv/Kconfig.debug            |  0
  xen/arch/riscv/Makefile                 |  0
  xen/arch/riscv/Rules.mk                 |  0
  xen/arch/riscv/arch.mk                  | 14 ++++++++
  xen/arch/riscv/asm-offsets.c            |  0
  xen/arch/riscv/configs/tiny64_defconfig | 13 +++++++
  xen/arch/riscv/head.S                   |  6 ++++
  xen/include/asm-riscv/config.h          | 47 +++++++++++++++++++++++++
  11 files changed, 137 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
  create mode 100644 config/riscv.mk
  create mode 100644 xen/arch/riscv/Kconfig
  create mode 100644 xen/arch/riscv/Kconfig.debug
  create mode 100644 xen/arch/riscv/Makefile
  create mode 100644 xen/arch/riscv/Rules.mk
  create mode 100644 xen/arch/riscv/arch.mk
  create mode 100644 xen/arch/riscv/asm-offsets.c
  create mode 100644 xen/arch/riscv/configs/tiny64_defconfig
  create mode 100644 xen/arch/riscv/head.S
  create mode 100644 xen/include/asm-riscv/config.h
I think this wants to be accompanied by an addition to ./MAINTAINERS
right away, such that future RISC-V patches can be acked by the
respective designated maintainers, rather than falling under "THE REST".
Question is whether you / we have settled yet who's to become arch
maintainer there.


I'd like to volunteer myself for this, as I'm slated to continue
with the port indefinitely and would at least like to review
patches.  If Connor has the time, I think it makes sense for him
to be listed there too.

Until we have others (it's just us two right now), it'll be a
lot of us reviewing each other's arch-specific work (in addition to
reviewers elsewhere in the Xen project, of course).


Jan: can you list Bobby as the maintainer on commit? You can list me as well,
but I can't guarantee a time commitment unlike Bobby.




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