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Re: [PATCH for-4.15] xen/sched: Add missing memory barrier in vcpu_block()

On 23/02/2021 13:24, Ash Wilding wrote:
Hi Julien,

Hi Ash,

Thanks for looking at this,

vcpu_block() is now gaining an smp_mb__after_atomic() to prevent the
CPU to read any information about local events before the flag
_VPF_blocked is set.

Reviewed-by: Ash Wilding <ash.j.wilding@xxxxxxxxx>


As an aside,

I couldn't convince myself whether the Arm implementation of
local_events_need_delivery() contains enough barrier to prevent the
re-ordering. However, I don't think we want to play with devil here
as the function may be optimized in the future.


The vgic_vcpu_pending_irq() and vgic_evtchn_irq_pending() in the call
path of local_events_need_delivery() both call spin_lock_irqsave(),
which has an arch_lock_acquire_barrier() in its call path.

That just happens to map to a heavier smp_mb() on Arm right now, but
relying on this behaviour would be shaky; I can imagine a future update
to arch_lock_acquire_barrier() that relaxes it down to just acquire
semantics like its name implies (for example an LSE-based lock_acquire()
using LDUMAXA),in which case any code incorrectly relying on that full
barrier behaviour may break. I'm guessing this is what you meant by the
function may be optimized in future?

That's one of the optimization I had in mind. The other one is we may find a way to remove the spinlocks, so the barriers would disappear completely.

Do we know whether there is an expectation for previous loads/stores
to have been observed before local_events_need_delivery()? I'm wondering
whether it would make sense to have an smb_mb() at the start of the
*_nomask() variant in local_events_need_delivery()'s call path.

That's a good question :). For Arm, there are 4 users of local_events_need_delivery():
  1) do_poll()
  2) vcpu_block()
  3) hypercall_preempt_check()
  4) general_preempt_check()

3 and 4 are used for breaking down long running operations. I guess we would want to have an accurate view of the pending events and therefore we would need a memory barrier to prevent the loads happening too early.

In this case, I think the smp_mb() would want to be part of the hypercall_preempt_check() and general_preempt_check().

Therefore, I think we want to avoid the extra barrier in local_events_need_delivery(). Instead, we should require the caller to take care of the ordering if needed.

This would have benefits any new architecture as the common code would already contain the appropriate barriers.

@Stefano, what do you think?


Julien Grall



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