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Re: [PATCH v2 0/7] Xen guest loader (to boot Xen+Kernel under TCG)

Alex Bennée <alex.bennee@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hi,
> These patches have been sitting around as part of a larger series to
> improve the support of Xen on AArch64. The second part of the work is
> currently awaiting other re-factoring and build work to go in to make
> the building of a pure-Xen capable QEMU easier. As that might take
> some time and these patches are essentially ready I thought I'd best
> push for merging them.
> There are no fundamental changes since the last revision. I've
> addressed most of the comments although I haven't expanded the use of
> the global *fdt to other device models. I figured that work could be
> done as and when models have support for type-1 hypervisors.
> I have added some documentation to describe the feature and added an
> acceptance tests which checks the various versions of Xen can boot.
> The only minor wrinkle is using a custom compiled Linux kernel due to
> missing support in the distro kernels. If anyone can suggest a distro
> which is currently well supported for Xen on AArch64 I can update the
> test.
> The following patches still need review:
>  - tests/avocado: add boot_xen tests
>  - docs: add some documentation for the guest-loader
>  - docs: move generic-loader documentation into the main manual
>  - hw/core: implement a guest-loader to support static hypervisor guests
> Alex Bennée (7):
>   hw/board: promote fdt from ARM VirtMachineState to MachineState
>   hw/riscv: migrate fdt field to generic MachineState
>   device_tree: add qemu_fdt_setprop_string_array helper
>   hw/core: implement a guest-loader to support static hypervisor
> guests

Gentle ping. They all have reviews apart from the core bit of loader
code and I'd like to merge this cycle ;-)

Alex Bennée



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