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Re: [PATCH 2/2] hvmloader: do not include system headers for type declarations [and 1 more messages]

On 24.02.2021 15:33, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Andrew Cooper writes ("Re: [PATCH 2/2] hvmloader: do not include system 
> headers for type declarations"):
>> At what point do we just declare Alpine broken?  These are all
>> freestanding headers, an explicitly available for use, in the way we use
>> them.
> There is IMO nothing wrong with Alpine here.  Alpine amd64 simply does
> not support compilation of 32-bit x86 userland binaries.
> But that's OK for us.  Xen doe not require the execution of any 32-bit
> userland binaries.  hvmloader is not a userland binary.
> As Roger said on irc
> 13:35 <royger> but requiring a compiler that supports generating
>                i386 code doens't imply that we also have a libc for it?
>> There are substantial portability costs for making changes like this,
>> which takes us from standards compliant C to GCC-isms-only.
> Since we are defining our out standalone environment for hvmloader, we
> are in the position of the C *implementor*.  Compilers have features
> (like __builtin_va*) that are helpful for implementing standard C
> features like stdarg.h and indeed stdint.h.
> Or to put it another way, GCC does not, by itself, provide (in
> Standard C terms) a "freestanding implementation".  Arguably GCC ought
> to provide stdint.h et al but in practice it doing so causes more
> trouble as it gets in the way of the implentors of hosted
> implementations.

But gcc _does_ provide a stdint.h.

> Jan Beulich writes ("Re: [PATCH 2/2] hvmloader: do not include system headers 
> for type declarations"):
>> On 24.02.2021 12:07, Ian Jackson wrote:
>>> This code is only ever going to be for 32-bit x86, so I think the way
>>> Roger did it is fine.
>> It is technically correct at this point in time, from all we can
>> tell. I can't see any reason though why a compiler might not
>> support wider int or, in particular, long long.
> Our requirement for hvmloader is that we have an ILP32 LL64 compiler
> which generates 32-bit x86 machine code.  That is what "gcc -m32"
> means.

I'm not sure about the last statement; I'm pretty sure we don't
check that we have such a compiler (in tools/configure).

>  Whether future compiler(s) might exist which can provide ILP32
> LLP64 (and what type uint64_t is on such a compiler) is not relevant.
>>> Doing it the other way, to cope with this file being used with
>>> compiler settings where the above set of types is wrong, would also
>>> imply more complex definitions of INT32_MIN et al.
>> Well, that's only as far as the use of number suffixes goes. The
>> values used won't change, as these constants describe fixed width
>> types.
> So the definitions would need to contain casts.

Which they can't, as that would make them unusable in preprocessor

>>>> Like the hypervisor, we should prefer using __SIZE_TYPE__
>>>> when available.
>>> I disagree.
>> May I ask why? There is a reason providing of these types did get
>> added to (at least) gcc.
> __SIZE_TYPE__ is provided by the compiler to the libc implementor.  It
> is one of those facilities like __builtin_va*.  The bulk of the code
> in hvmloader should not use this kind of thing.  It should use plain
> size_t.
> As for the new header in hvmloader, it does not matter whether it uses
> __SIZE_TYPE__ or some other type which is known to be 32-bit, since
> this code is definitely only ever for 32-bit x86.

>From a compiler perspective, "32-bit" and "x86" needs further pairing
with an OS, as it's the OS which defines the ABI. This is why further
up I did say "It is technically correct at this point in time, from
all we can tell" - we imply that all OSes we want to be able to build
on provide a suitable ABI, so we can use their compilers.

>> One argument against this would be above mentioned independence
>> on any ABI the compiler would be built for, but I'd buy that only
>> if above we indeed used __attribute__((__mode__())), as that's
>> the only way to achieve such independence.
> We don't want or need to support building hvmloader with a differnet
> ABI.
>>>> Nit: Perhaps better omit the unnecessary inner parentheses?
>>> We should definitely keep the inner parentheses.  I don't want to
>>> start carefully reasoning about precisely which inner parentheses are
>>> necesary for macro argument parsing correctness.
>> Can you give me an example of when the inner parentheses would be
>> needed? I don't think they're needed no matter whether (taking the
>> example here) __builtin_va_...() were functions or macros. They
>> would of course be needed if the identifiers were part of
>> expressions beyond the mere function invocation.
> You mention the situation where the parentheses would be needed
> yourself.

Okay, if that would have been your example, then since there are
no further expressions involved here you agree parentheses aren't
needed here?




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