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Re: [BUG] Linux pvh vm not getting destroyed on shutdown

On Samstag, 13. Februar 2021 16:36:24 CET Maximilian Engelhardt wrote:
> Here are some things I noticed while trying to debug this issue:
> * It happens on a Debian buster dom0 as well as on a bullseye dom0
> * It seems to only affect pvh vms.
> * shutdown from the pvgrub menu ("c" -> "halt") does work
> * the vm seems to shut down normal, the last lines in the console are:
> * issuing a reboot instead of a shutdown does work fine.
> * The issue started with Debian kernel 5.8.3+1~exp1 running in the vm,
> Debian kernel 5.7.17-1 does not show the issue.
> * setting vcpus equal to maxvcpus does *not* show the hang.

One thing I just realized I totally forgot to mention in my initial report is 
that this issue is present for us also on a modern kernel. We tested with 
Debian kernel 5.10.13-1.

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