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[PATCH v2 0/8] x86/PV: avoid speculation abuse through guest accessors

Re-sending primarily for the purpose of getting a release ack, an
explicit release nak, or an indication of there not being a need,
all for at least the first three patches here (which are otherwise
ready to go in). I've dropped the shadow part of the series from
this re-submission, because it has all got reviewed by Tim already
and is intended for 4.16 only anyway. I'm re-including the follow
up patches getting the code base in consistent shape again, as I
continue to think this consistency goal is at least worth a
consideration towards a freeze exception.

1: split __{get,put}_user() into "guest" and "unsafe" variants
2: split __copy_{from,to}_user() into "guest" and "unsafe" variants
3: PV: harden guest memory accesses against speculative abuse
4: rename {get,put}_user() to {get,put}_guest()
5: gdbsx: convert "user" to "guest" accesses
6: rename copy_{from,to}_user() to copy_{from,to}_guest_pv()
7: move stac()/clac() from {get,put}_unsafe_asm() ...
8: PV: use get_unsafe() instead of copy_from_unsafe()




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