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Re: [PATCH v2] xen: workaround missing device_type property in pci/pcie nodes

On 10.2.2021 3.59, Elliott Mitchell wrote:
On Tue, Feb 09, 2021 at 11:53:34AM -0800, Stefano Stabellini wrote:
This fixes Xen boot on RPi4. Some RPi4 kernels have the following node
on their device trees:

IMO I like keeping the reference to Linux kernel d1ac0002dd29 in the
commit message.  The commit is distinctly informative and takes some
searching to find in the thread archive.  This though is merely /my/

Two builds later to ensure I've got a build which doesn't work due to the
problematic device-tree and one with the patch to ensure it does fix the
issue and:

Tested-by: Elliott Mitchell <ehem+xen@xxxxxxx>

Note to Jukka Kaartinen, people who merely build from source are useful
for confirming proposed fixes work.  The above line gets added to commit
messages to note people have tried it and it works for them.

Thanks for the info!
I tested the fix and it works fine.

Tested-by: Jukka Kaartinen <jukka.kaartinen@xxxxxxxxxx>




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