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[PATCH] xen/arm: fix gnttab_need_iommu_mapping

Commit 91d4eca7add broke gnttab_need_iommu_mapping on ARM.
The offending chunk is:

 #define gnttab_need_iommu_mapping(d)                    \
-    (is_domain_direct_mapped(d) && need_iommu(d))
+    (is_domain_direct_mapped(d) && need_iommu_pt_sync(d))

On ARM we need gnttab_need_iommu_mapping to be true for dom0 when it is
directly mapped, like the old check did, but the new check is always

In fact, need_iommu_pt_sync is defined as dom_iommu(d)->need_sync and
need_sync is set as:

    if ( !is_hardware_domain(d) || iommu_hwdom_strict )
        hd->need_sync = !iommu_use_hap_pt(d);

iommu_hwdom_strict is actually supposed to be ignored on ARM, see the
definition in docs/misc/xen-command-line.pandoc:

    This option is hardwired to true for x86 PVH dom0's (as RAM belonging to
    other domains in the system don't live in a compatible address space), and
    is ignored for ARM.

But aside from that, the issue is that iommu_use_hap_pt(d) is true,
hence, hd->need_sync is false, and gnttab_need_iommu_mapping(d) is false

As a consequence, when using PV network from a domU on a system where
IOMMU is on from Dom0, I get:

(XEN) smmu: /smmu@fd800000: Unhandled context fault: fsr=0x402, 
iova=0x8424cb148, fsynr=0xb0001, cb=0
[   68.290307] macb ff0e0000.ethernet eth0: DMA bus error: HRESP not OK

The fix is to go back to the old implementation of
gnttab_need_iommu_mapping.  However, we don't even need to specify &&
need_iommu(d) since we don't actually need to check for the IOMMU to be
enabled (iommu_map does it for us at the beginning of the function.)

This fix is preferrable to changing the implementation of need_sync or
iommu_use_hap_pt because "need_sync" is not really the reason why we
want gnttab_need_iommu_mapping to return true.

Signed-off-by: Stefano Stabellini <stefano.stabellini@xxxxxxxxxx>
Backport: 4.12+ 


It is incredible that it was missed for this long, but it takes a full
PV drivers test using DMA from a non-coherent device to trigger it, e.g.
wget from a domU to an HTTP server on a different machine, ping or
connections to dom0 won't trigger the bug.

It is interesting that given that IOMMU is on for dom0, Linux could
have just avoided using swiotlb-xen and everything would have just
worked. It is worth considering introducing a feature flag (e.g.
XENFEAT_ARM_dom0_iommu) to let dom0 know that the IOMMU is on and
swiotlb-xen is not necessary. Then Linux can avoid initializing
swiotlb-xen and just rely on the IOMMU for translation.

diff --git a/xen/include/asm-arm/grant_table.h 
index 6f585b1538..2a154d1851 100644
--- a/xen/include/asm-arm/grant_table.h
+++ b/xen/include/asm-arm/grant_table.h
@@ -88,8 +88,7 @@ int replace_grant_host_mapping(unsigned long gpaddr, mfn_t 
 #define gnttab_status_gfn(d, t, i)                                       \
     (((i) >= nr_status_frames(t)) ? INVALID_GFN : (t)->arch.status_gfn[i])
-#define gnttab_need_iommu_mapping(d)                    \
-    (is_domain_direct_mapped(d) && need_iommu_pt_sync(d))
+#define gnttab_need_iommu_mapping(d)  (is_domain_direct_mapped(d))
 #endif /* __ASM_GRANT_TABLE_H__ */



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