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ld 2.36 regression linking EFI binary from ELF input with debug info


the Xen project hypervisor build system includes building the
hypervisor binary as an EFI application, as an option (i.e.
as long as the tool chain supports this). Already when probing
the linker we now suddenly get several "relocation truncated
to fit:R_X86_64_32 against `.debug_...'" errors. I have not
had  the time to figure out what exactly broke this, and I'm
sending this mail in the hope that it may ring a bell for

For reference, the probing is as simple as

$(LD) -mi386pep --subsystem=10 -o efi/check.efi efi/check.o

As was to be expected, the errors disappear with -S, but that's
an option only for the probing, not for the actual linking of
the binary.

Thanks for pointers (or better yet, a fix),



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