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Re: [PATCH] tools/libxl: only set viridian flags on new domains

Igor Druzhinin writes ("[PATCH] tools/libxl: only set viridian flags on new 
> Domains migrating or restoring should have viridian HVM param key in
> the migration stream already and setting that twice results in Xen
> returing -EEXIST on the second attempt later (during migration stream parsing)
> in case the values don't match. That causes migration/restore operation
> to fail at destination side.
> That issue is now resurfaced by the latest commits (983524671 and 7e5cffcd1e)
> extending default viridian feature set making the values from the previous
> migration streams and those set at domain construction different.

I am OK with this in principle but I would have preferred the prep
work of passing libxl__domain_build_state* through to more places to
be split out into its own patch.

As it is it's not easy to see the wood for the trees.  If we weren't
in the freeze I would probably just shrug and ack it but I think a bit
more care is needed at this stage.

Would you mind splitting the patch in two, the first of which is "no
intended functional change" ?




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