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Re: [PATCH for 4.16] xl: Add xl.conf-based dom0 autoballoon limits

George Dunlap writes ("Re: [PATCH for 4.16] xl: Add xl.conf-based dom0 
autoballoon limits"):
> I’d certainly be in favor of getting something like b61443b1bf76
> upstream.  I still think a patch like this one would be useful
> though:
> 1. The error message will be given right away, rather than timing
> out on the dom0 balloon driver
> 2. The error message can be more informative, and point people to
> the whole “fixed dom0 memory” thing.

I agree.

If the memory ballooning accounting area wasn't already a swamp I
would be considering this patch for 4.15.  As it is I think it unwise
to make this change now because I don't see how to be confident it
won't break anything.




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