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Re: Xen XSM/FLASK policy, grub defaults, etc.

On 29.05.2020 16:47, Ian Jackson wrote:
> George Dunlap writes ("Re: Xen XSM/FLASK policy, grub defaults, etc."):
>> Which isn’t to say we shouldn’t do it; but it might be nice to also have an 
>> intermediate solution that works right now, even if it’s not optimal.
> I propose the following behaviour by updste-grub:
>  1. Look for an ELF note, TBD.  If it's found, make XSM boot entries.
>     (For now, skip this step, since the ELF note is not defined.)
>  2. Look for a .config alongside the Xen binary.  Look for
>        ^CONFIG_XSM_FLASK=y
>     If the file is is not found, or no line matches, make no XSM
>     boot entries.

Sounds like a plan then, I think.




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