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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC 1/9] schedule: Introduce per-pcpu time accounting

On Tue, 2020-05-26 at 02:27 +0000, Volodymyr Babchuk wrote:
> Hello All,
Hello Volodymyr,

> This is gentle reminder about this RFC. 
> Sadly, Andrii Anisov has left our team. But I'm commited to continue
> his work on time accounting and real time scheduling.
Ok, so, first of all, sorry that this has not been properly addressed.

I personally never forgot about it or anything... Still, I haven't been
able to look into it properly.

> I do realize, that proposed patches have become moldy. I can rebase
> them onto current master, if it would help. 
As a matter of fact, it would. Especially considering that, AFAICT,
this pre-dates core-scheduling.

So, if you're really keen doing such a rebase and resending, I will be
happy to have a look at how it ends up looking like.

Thanks and Regards
Dario Faggioli, Ph.D
Virtualization Software Engineer
SUSE Labs, SUSE https://www.suse.com/
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