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Re: [RFC PATCH 1/1] xen: Use a global mapping for runstate


On 28/05/2020 18:19, Bertrand Marquis wrote:
+    return 0;
int domain_kill(struct domain *d)
     int rc = 0;
@@ -727,7 +788,10 @@ int domain_kill(struct domain *d)
         if ( cpupool_move_domain(d, cpupool0) )
             return -ERESTART;
         for_each_vcpu ( d, v )
+        {
+            unmap_runstate_area(v, 0);

Why is it not appropriate here to hold the lock? It might not be
technically needed, but still should work?

In a killing scenario you might stop a core while it was rescheduling.
Couldn’t a core be killed using a cross core interrupt ?

You can't stop a vCPU in the middle of the context switch. The vCPU can only be scheduled out at specific point in Xen.

If this is the case then I would need to do masked interrupt locking sections 
to prevent that case ?

At the beginning of the function domain_kill() the domain will be paused (see domain_pause()). After this steps none of the vCPUs will be running or be scheduled.

You should technically use the lock everywhere to avoid static analyzer throwing a warning because you access variable with and without the lock. A comment would at least be useful in the code if we go ahead with this.

As an aside, I think you want the lock to always disable the interrupts otherwise check_lock() (this can be enabled with CONFIG_DEBUG_LOCKS only on x86 though) will shout at you because your lock can be taken in both IRQ-safe and IRQ-unsafe context.


Julien Grall



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