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Re: [PATCH v6 4/5] block: make size-related BlockConf properties accept size suffixes

On 5/27/20 3:53 PM, Roman Kagan wrote:

v5 -> v6:
- add prop_size32 instead of going with 64bit

Would it be worth adding prop_size32 as its own patch, before using it here?

I've no strong opinion on this.  Should I better split it out when

Patch splitting is an art-form. But in general, a long series of smaller patches each easy to review is going to get accepted into the tree faster than a single patch that merges multiple changes into one big blob, even if the net diff is identical. It's rare that someone will ask you to merge patches because you split too far, so the real tradeoff is whether it will cost you more time to split than what you will save the next reviewer (including the maintainer that will merge your patches, depending on whether the maintainer also reviews it or just trusts my review), if you decide to go with a v7.

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