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Re: use of "stat -"

I've read this thread.  Jan, I'm sorry that this causes you
inconvenience.  I'm hoping it won't come down to a choice between
supporting people who want to ship a dom0 without perl, and people who
want a dom0 using more-than-a-decade-old coreutils.

Jan, can you tell me what the output is of this on your ancient

  $ rm -f t
  $ >t
  $ exec 3<t
  $ stat -L -c '%F %i' /dev/stdin <&3
  regular empty file 393549
  $ rm t
  $ stat -L -c '%F %i' /dev/stdin <&3
  regular empty file 393549
  $ strace -ou stat -L -c '%F %i' /dev/stdin <&3

Also, the contents of the file "u" afterwards, please.




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