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Re: Backports to 4.13

On 05.05.2020 16:51, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Andrew Cooper writes ("Backports to 4.13"):
>> On the tools side of things, f50a4f6e244c aafae0e800e9 2a62c22715bf
>> d79cc6bc2bac 0729830cc425 are all bugs in CPUID and/or migration.  "Fix
>> HVM_PARAM_PAE_ENABLED handling" is only for 4.13, whereas all the others
>> are back to 4.7 (technically speaking).
> Done.
> There seem to have been quite few requests, but there were a lot of
> fixes tagged with Backport or Fixes.  I have now applied these (not
> just to 4.13 but to all the supported trees so back to 4.10, as
> applicable; plus one non-security bugfix I considered important enough
> to go to the security-supported 4.9).

Why back to 4.10? Only 4.12 and 4.13 are fully supported at this point,
afaict. Older trees should only get security fixes imo, with extremely
few exceptions.




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