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Re: Xen Compilation Error on Ubuntu 20.04

Hello Ayush Dosaj,


see the bug report above ^.

As soon as Ubuntu 19.10 went to LZ4 kernel compression this bug
appeared. As Stefan Bader reports in his testing, the hypervisor not
only crashes, but resets the machine.

The same trouble continued with 20.04. Their solution was to forward
package the Disco hypervisor. You could also hybridize with the Buster
hypervisor - I've done both with perfect results.

Whatever this bug ends up to be, it goes back to 2015 when the lz4
decompression code was first introduced:
[xen.git] / xen / common / lz4 /

I reported trouble too back in Oct 2019:

##xen-packaging on Freenode IRC



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