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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v7 0/6] xl/libxl: domid allocation/preservation changes

Paul Durrant writes ("[PATCH v7 0/6] xl/libxl: domid allocation/preservation 
> Paul Durrant (6):
>   libxl: add infrastructure to track and query 'recent' domids
>   libxl: modify libxl__logv() to only log valid domid values
>   public/xen.h: add a definition for a 'valid domid' mask
>   libxl: allow creation of domains with a specified or random domid
>   xl.conf: introduce 'domid_policy'
>   xl: allow domid to be preserved on save/restore or migrate

Thanks for this.  I think this has enough acks to go in now.  Would
you care to fold the acks/reviews and pass me a git branch ?  If it's
easy for you, that would be more convenient and reliable than relying
on git-am.  Feel free to negotiate about details on irc...


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