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[Xen-devel] CfP VHPC 2020

Hi all,

I think that it might be of interest to this list, so I'm sending a
brief description of our workshop's scope, Virtualization in
High-performance Cloud computing (VHPC, https://vhpc.org), an
academic/industry workshop held in conjunction with ISC-HPC
(https://isc-hpc.com) in Frankfurt, June 25th. We have been running
this quite some time, and we would be really glad if you considered
submitting any work you might have on the topic.

I think the most relevant subtopics to people reading this list are:
lightweight virtualization, processor virtualization, and libOS /

Additionally, we encourage people to submit works related to
High-Performance Computing (HPC), such as workload orchestration, GPU
virtualization, acceleration in general, and networking/storage
handling in VMs for HPC.

The submission deadline is on Apr 5th, 2020, with a rolling abstract submission.

Thanks for your tolerance on the somehow off-topic post. Please visit
https://vhpc.org for more info and the full list of topics, submission
information etc.


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