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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 6/6] xen/public: Obsolete HVM_PARAM_PAE_ENABLED

Andrew Cooper writes ("[PATCH 6/6] xen/public: Obsolete HVM_PARAM_PAE_ENABLED"):
> HVM_PARAM_PAE_ENABLED is undocumented and Xen has never acted upon its value,
> contrary perhaps to expectations based on how other boolean fields work.
> It was only ever used as a non-standard calling convention for
> xc_cpuid_apply_policy() but that has been fixed now.
> Purge its use, and any possible confusion over its behaviour, by having Xen
> reject any attempts to use it.  Forgo setting it up in libxl's
> hvm_set_conf_params().  The only backwards compatibility necessary is to have
> the HVM restore stream discard it if found.

This looks plausible too.  But maybe I should be reading this patch
and the previous one together ?  Or maybe they would be better
squashed ?

If you think that is likely to make me less confused I'm happy to try
squashing them locally and reading the result...


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