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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 1/2] pygrub: fix python3 cross-compile: install with INSTALL_PYTHON_PROG

Christopher Clark writes ("[PATCH 1/2] pygrub: fix python3 cross-compile: 
install with INSTALL_PYTHON_PROG"):
> Install pygrub with INSTALL_PYTHON_PROG, as per the other Xen python
> executables, to ensure that the hashbang path to the interpreter
> is written correctly in cross-compile builds, eg. with OpenEmbedded.

Hrm.  There is definitely a bug here and I think
tools/python/install-wrap needs to be called.

What I don't understand is...

> diff --git a/tools/pygrub/Makefile b/tools/pygrub/Makefile
> index 3063c4998f..b4f6f10ddd 100644
> --- a/tools/pygrub/Makefile
> +++ b/tools/pygrub/Makefile
> @@ -18,6 +18,8 @@ install: all
>               setup.py install --record $(INSTALL_LOG) $(PYTHON_PREFIX_ARG) \
>                --root="$(DESTDIR)" --install-scripts=$(LIBEXEC_BIN) --force
> +     rm -f $(DESTDIR)/$(LIBEXEC_BIN)/pygrub
> +     $(INSTALL_PYTHON_PROG) src/pygrub $(DESTDIR)/$(LIBEXEC_BIN)/pygrub
>       set -e; if [ $(bindir) != $(LIBEXEC_BIN) -a \
>                    "`readlink -f $(DESTDIR)/$(bindir)`" != \
>                    "`readlink -f $(LIBEXEC_BIN)`" ]; then \

... why this is the right approach in tools/pygrub when it is *not*
the approach used in tools/python, where install-wrap lives, and which
is the other directory which has a setup.py.

tools/python seems to use $(INSTALL_PROG) and not have anything in
`scripts' in setup.py.  Is that wrong, too ?

Perhaps instead of the rm, pygrub/setup.py should lose the line
      scripts = ["src/pygrub"],

Or is there maybe a way to get setup.py to use a different `install' ?


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