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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 1/2] nvmx: implement support for MSR bitmaps

On 03.02.2020 18:37, Roger Pau Monne wrote:
> @@ -182,6 +192,11 @@ void nvmx_vcpu_destroy(struct vcpu *v)
>          free_domheap_page(v->arch.hvm.vmx.vmwrite_bitmap);
>          v->arch.hvm.vmx.vmwrite_bitmap = NULL;
>      }
> +    if ( nvmx->msr_merged )
> +    {
> +        free_domheap_page(nvmx->msr_merged);
> +        nvmx->msr_merged = NULL;
> +    }

Can this not be done ...

>  }
>  void nvmx_domain_relinquish_resources(struct domain *d)

... in this function, thus happening earlier upon domain
cleanup, and leaving less resources allocated in case a domain
ends up as zombie (due to another bug elsewhere)? Actually -
aren't you extending an existing bug this way? When
nestedhvm_vcpu_initialise() fails, nestedhvm_vcpu_destroy()
won't be called afaict. Hence nvmx_vcpu_initialise() not
cleaning up after itself in case of failure looks to be a
memory leak. As of b3344bb1cae0 any such will be taken care
of implicitly as long as the freeing happens on the
relinquish-resources paths.


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