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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] libxc/migration: Drop unimplemneted domain types

Andrew Cooper writes ("[PATCH] libxc/migration: Drop unimplemneted domain 
> x86 PVH is completely obsolete - it was intended for legacy PVH before that
> idea was abandoned.  There was an RFC series for ARM in 2015, but there is
> plenty of outstanding work which hasn't been done yet.
> No functional change.  New types can be (re)introduced with the code which
> actually implements them.
> -            0x0003: x86 PVH.
> -
> -            0x0004: ARM.
> -
> -            0x0005 - 0xFFFFFFFF: Reserved.
> +            0x0003 - 0xFFFFFFFF: Reserved.

This is reclaiming those numbers.  Could there be any software which
uses them ?  Eg, maybe someone put the RFC series into production ?


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