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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 0/7] Code of Conduct + Extra Guides and Best Practices

From: Lars Kurth <lars.kurth@xxxxxxxxxx>

This series proposes a concrete version of the Xen Project
CoC based on v1.4 of the Contributor Covenant. See [1]

It tries to address all elements in the v2 review, which raised
a number of hard questions. One of the main outstanding items
were good examples for cover letters and well structured large
patch series (see TODO in "Add Code Review Guide")

For convenience of review and in line with other policy documents
I created a git repository at [2]. This series can be found at [3].

I also reformatted the series to 80 characters and replaced
inline syile links with reference style links to make it easier
to stick to a character limit. To just see text but not formatting changes,
have a look at [4]. This is why patch 3 "Reformat Xen Project CoC to fit
into 80 character limit" was added.

[1] https://www.contributor-covenant.org/version/1/4/code-of-conduct.md
[2] http://xenbits.xen.org/gitweb/?p=people/larsk/code-of-conduct.git;a=summary

Changes since v2
  * Reformatted all text to 80 characters and replaced link style

  * Extend introduction
  * Add "Code Review Workflow" covering
    - "Workflow from a Reviewer's Perspective"
    - "Workflow from an Author's Perspective"
    - "Problematic Patch Reviews"

  TODO: find suitable examples on how to structure/describe good patch series

  * Fix typos
  * Extended "Verbose vs. terse"
  * Added "Clarity over Verbosity"
  * Broke "Identify the severity of an issue or disagreement" into two chapters
    - "Identify the severity and optionality of review comments" and made
    - "Identify the severity of a disagreement"
    - Expanded "Prioritize significant flaws"
  * Added "Reviewers: Take account of previous reviewer(s) comments"
  * Added prefixes such as "Reviewers:" where appropriate

  * Fix typos
  * Add section: "Issue: Multiple ways to solve a problem"

Changes since v1
* Code of Conduct
  Only whitespace changes

* Added Communication Guide
  Contains values and a process based on advice and mediation in case of issues
  This is the primary portal for

* Added Code Review Guide
  Which is based on [4] with some additions for completeness
  It primarily sets expectations and anything communication related is removed

* Added guide on Communication Best Practice
  Takes the communication section from [4] and expands on it with more examples
  and cases. This is probably where we may need some discussion

* Added document on Resolving Disagreement
  A tiny bit of theory to set the scene
  It covers some common cases of disagreements and how we may approach them
  Again, this probably needs some discussion

Cc: minios-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: xen-api@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: win-pv-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: mirageos-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: committers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lars Kurth (7):
  Import v1.4 of Contributor Covenant CoC
  Xen Project Code of Conduct
  Reformat Xen Project CoC to fit into 80 character limit
  Add Communication Guide
  Add Code Review Guide
  Add guide on Communication Best Practice
  Added Resolving Disagreement


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