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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v4 0/2] Refactor super page shattering

On 12.12.2019 13:46, Hongyan Xia wrote:
> map_pages_to_xen and modify_xen_mappings use almost exactly the same
> page shattering logic, and the code is mingled with other PTE
> manipulations so it is less obvious that the intention is page
> shattering. Factor out the functions to make them reusable and to make
> the intention more obvious.
> Of course, there is not much difference between the shattering logic of
> each level, so we could further turn the per-level functions into a
> single macro, although this is not that simple since we have per-level
> functions and macros all over the place and there are slight differences
> between levels. Keep it per-level for now.

FWIW these look okay to me now, and I would give them my R-b without
if there wasn't the type safety issue. Andrew?


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