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Re: [Xen-devel] Problem booting Debian buster on arndale

Hi Ian,

On 06/12/2019 16:47, Ian Jackson wrote:
Hi.  As you know I am working on getting osstest to work with Debian
buster.  This is important because Debian's support for oldstable
(which is what stretch is now) is not always very good.  Relying on
the LTS caused us serious problems before.

One of the issues I encountered is that the Xen and Linux that osstest
built, did not boot on arndale:

It works on cubietruck:
(Please disregard the guest-start failure; I think that's something
else, and architecture-independent.)

It seems to have hung during boot.  NB that I don't know whether this
is a one-off.

Looking at [1], most of the recent flight have managed to boot Xen on the arndale. However, I somehow can't find the flight 144312 in that list. Do you have any idea why?

I would appreciate it if someone from the ARM community could take a
look.  If you would like me to set up a repro I on one of our arndales
can do that for you.  I haven't done that yet because it books the
machine out so I want to do it when you say you're read for it...

This seems to be a one-off, so I would wait to see if it happens again before setting up a repro. I will keep an eye on osstest result.

Meanwhile, could you try a more recent flight?


[1] http://logs.test-lab.xenproject.org/osstest/results/history/test-armhf-armhf-xl-arndale/xen-unstable.html

Julien Grall

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