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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/6] xen: Support continuations from tasklets

On 05.12.2019 23:30, Andrew Cooper wrote:
> From testing this series, I have re-confirmed the previous reported
> observation that:
>   # while :; do xen-hptool smt-enable; xen-hptool smt-disable; done
> in dom0 eventually causes the serial console to cease working (wedge midway
> through printing a line).
> There are sporadic "Broke affinity for IRQ26, new: ffff" messages, but the
> serial always seems to break shortly after the first "Broke affinity for
> IRQ30, new: ffff".  Both IRQs are non-descript PCI-MSI/-X interrupts bound to
> dom0.

And neither IRQ30 not IRQ26 are the serial ones? And serial does
use an IRQ (i.e. isn't running in polling mode)? I'll see if I
can repro (and then maybe be able to debug).


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