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[Xen-devel] Ad-hoc technical community meeting Dec 10 pm and 11 am in Cambridge, hosted @ Citrix

Dear community members,

Daniel, Christopher and Rich will be in the UK at the beginning of December and 
wanted to talk to a number of maintainers to make progress on a number of 
topics. This was initially discussed at the summit. 

Specifically, the topics they want to discuss are
* State of XSM
* KCONFIG for L0 version of Xen, possibly ARM as first target - this is related 
to [1] and [3]
* DomB [2] proposal as a secure means to start an L0/L1 configuration
* Argo Namespace service for domain lookup

[1] https://www.platformsecuritysummit.com/#smith 
[2] https://lists.xenproject.org/archives/html/xen-devel/2018-06/msg01306.html
[3] Attached deck

People who already agreed at to attend are on the TO list. Daniel, Christopher 
and Rich will arrive around lunch time on the 10th (exact times to be agreed) 
and will leave in the early afternoon on the 11th. Also note that most Citrix 
staff will go to the XMas party on the 11th.

If you want to attend, please let me know.

I arranged a room for the meeting and will be there on the 10th (I cannot do 
the 11th). There will be no food provided during the day, but of course there 
are snacks and coffee in our kitchen.

I was also wondering who would want to go out for dinner/drinks on the 10th 
after the meeting?

Best Regards

Attachment: A Renaissance of Trust_ Architecting the Hardened Access Terminal (HAT).pdf
Description: A Renaissance of Trust_ Architecting the Hardened Access Terminal (HAT).pdf

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