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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] x86/boot: Annotate pagetables with STT_OBJECT

On 28.08.2019 20:24, Andrew Cooper wrote:
> On 27/08/2019 15:36, Jan Beulich wrote:
>> On 14.08.2019 12:44, Andrew Cooper wrote:
>>> Introduce a new ENDDATA() helper which sets type and size together.
>> Except this isn't very natural: Setting the size late is quite
>> common, to avoid the need for an "end" label. But the type would
>> better be set together with the label definition, i.e. by a
>> GLOBAL() counterpart (e.g. GLOBAL_DATA()). However, if despite
>> this remark you think your approach is the way to go:
> Well - this way is fewer moving parts.
> GLOBAL and ENTRY are to do with visibility and alignment.  While ENTRY
> might not typically be used for data, both are commonly used for code.
> We can either have a proliferation of {GLOBAL,ENTRY}{,_DATA,_FUNC,etc}
> and a single END, or we can have ENDDATA/ENDFUNC and need no changes to
> the existing GLOBAL/ENTRY infrastructure.

Yes, it's slightly more of a change the way I'd prefer, but as said,
it would (imo) yield a more natural result. Omission of END() would
then mean only the symbol's size to not be set, but all other
attributes to be correct nevertheless.


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