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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC] Code of Conduct

On 27/08/2019, 10:33, "Ian Jackson" <ian.jackson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    Lars Kurth writes ("Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC] Code of Conduct"):
    > I did raise the issue of a cross-project support network, which has not 
yet been on the agenda. I will be hooked into this process.
    > My gut feeling is that we are looking at 6-9 months before all of this is 
resolved. Maybe longer.
    I think this is too long.  We are overdue with this.
    > Ultimately, we have 3 options:
    >   1.  We wait for the LF and revisit then
    >   2.  We go our own way re customization
    >   3.  We draft our own customizations and bring it up in one of the LF 
meetings discussing this
    > My gut feeling is to go for c) and I am willing to have a try at 
customizing the Contributor Covenant along the lines of the previous exercise
    I am happy with 2 or 3, but we shouldn't block on LF approval.  Having
    input is good.  If later we want to join some cross-community network
    and want to update it for that, we can do that.  Updating a document
    for something like that is quite easy.  IMO we need to get on with the
    really hard work which is adopting a document at all.

That is also my personal preference.
    I look forward to your Contributor Covenant based draft.
I attached a redline version of both the original (based on the LF events CoC) 
and a redline version based on the covenant given the constraints we agreed. Aka
[1] Xen CoC Contributor Covenant baseline (redline).pdf 
[2] Xen CoC LF events baseline (redline).pdf

I minimized changes to [2]. 

I would be good to get a sense of whether anyone prefers one over the other or 
whether additional changes should made to [2], but also [1]. In the thread 
there had already been concrete suggestions to remove sections such as comments 
along the lines of compliance with local laws.

I will disclose my personal opinion a little later. 

Best Regards

Attachment: Xen CoC Contributor Covenant baseline (redline).pdf
Description: Xen CoC Contributor Covenant baseline (redline).pdf

Attachment: Xen CoC LF events baseline (redline).pdf
Description: Xen CoC LF events baseline (redline).pdf

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