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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH V3 6/8] iommu: Add of_xlate callback

On 20.08.2019 20:09, Oleksandr Tyshchenko wrote:
--- a/xen/include/xen/iommu.h
+++ b/xen/include/xen/iommu.h
@@ -240,6 +240,16 @@ struct iommu_ops {
      int __must_check (*iotlb_flush_all)(struct domain *d);
      int (*get_reserved_device_memory)(iommu_grdm_t *, void *);
      void (*dump_p2m_table)(struct domain *d);
+    /*
+     * All IOMMU drivers which support generic IOMMU DT bindings should use
+     * this callback. This is a way for the framework to provide the driver
+     * with DT IOMMU specifier which describes the IOMMU master interfaces of
+     * that device (device IDs, etc).
+     */
+    int (*of_xlate)(device_t *dev, struct dt_phandle_args *args);

I think this should be folded into the first patch using it. Doing
so may also answer my question of what "of" here stands for.


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