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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 06/14] livepatch: Add support for apply|revert action replacement hooks

> Yes, I could do that. But, I would like to discuss (get guidelines about) the 
> expected test coverage.
> With this sort of changes, there is an unlimited set of test-cases to be 
> created. So, I would like to focus on a few most important.
> I am missing knowledge how these test cases are supposed to be used… hence 
> the ask.

I had in mind two livepatches with a dependency on each other that would utilize
different callback mechanism. 

Say the first one just modifies xen_extra_function to print based on a string 
Applying it would change extra version to say 'FIRST_LIVEPATCH' or such.

The second one has an apply and revert callback that modifies the 
xen_extra_function to print say
'SECOND_LIVEPATCH' and also 'SECOND_REVERTED' when reverted?

So you would have:

xen-livepatch apply xen_first
xl version |grep extra_version
[should have FIRST_LIVEPATCH]
xen-livepatch apply xen_second
xl version |grep extra_version
[should have SECOND_LIVEPATCH]
xen-livepatch revert xen_second
xl version |grep extra_version
[should have SECOND_REVERTED]

or such?

Just want to make sure that the code that is doing the various combinations
of callbacks is behaving correctly. Naturally doing all of them would be rather
difficult, so I would rather test the most common use-case.

Hope this helps?
> Best Regards,
> Pawel Wieczorkiewicz
> Amazon Development Center Germany GmbH
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> 10117 Berlin
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