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[Xen-devel] [PATCH V5 0/9] block: use right accessor to read nr_sects


In the blk-zoned, bcache, f2fs, target-pscsi, xen and blktrace
implementation block device->hd_part->number of sectors field is
accessed directly without any appropriate locking or accessor function. 
There is an existing accessor function present in the in 
include/linux/genhd.h which should be used to read the

From ${KERN_DIR}/include/linux/genhd.h:-
714 /*
715  * Any access of part->nr_sects which is not protected by partition
716  * bd_mutex or gendisk bdev bd_mutex, should be done using this
717  * accessor function.
718  *
719  * Code written along the lines of i_size_read() and i_size_write().
720  * CONFIG_PREEMPT case optimizes the case of UP kernel with preemption
721  * on.
722  */
723 static inline sector_t part_nr_sects_read(struct hd_struct *part)
724 {

This patch series introduces a helper function on the top of the
part_nr_sects_read() and removes the all direct accesses to the

This series is based on :-

1. Repo :-
2. Branch :- for-next.

Changes from V4:-

1. Adjust code for latest branch.

Chaitanya Kulkarni (9):
  block: add a helper function to read nr_setcs
  blk-zoned: update blkdev_nr_zones() with helper
  blk-zoned: update blkdev_report_zone() with helper
  blk-zoned: update blkdev_reset_zones() with helper
  bcache: update cached_dev_init() with helper
  f2fs: use helper in init_blkz_info()
  blktrace: use helper in blk_trace_setup_lba()
  target/pscsi: use helper in pscsi_get_blocks()
  xen/blkback: use helper in vbd_sz()

 block/blk-zoned.c                  | 12 ++++++------
 drivers/block/xen-blkback/common.h |  2 +-
 drivers/md/bcache/super.c          |  2 +-
 drivers/target/target_core_pscsi.c |  2 +-
 fs/f2fs/super.c                    |  2 +-
 include/linux/blkdev.h             |  5 +++++
 kernel/trace/blktrace.c            |  2 +-
 7 files changed, 16 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)


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