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[Xen-devel] Windows HVM no longer boots with AMD Ryzen 3700X

While AMD Ryzen 2700X was working perfectly in my tests with Windows 10, the new 3700X does not even boot a Windows HVM. With viridian=1 you get BSOD HAL_MEMORY_ALLOCATION and with viridian=0 you get "multiprocessor config not supported".

xl dmesg says:
(XEN) d1v0 VIRIDIAN CRASH: ac 0 a0a0 fffff8065c06bf88 bf8
(XEN) d2v0 VIRIDIAN CRASH: ac 0 a0a0 fffff8035b049f88 bf8

Linux domUs with PV and PVH seem to work so far.

Xen version 4.10.2. dom0 kernel 4.13.16. The BIOS version is unchanged from 2700X (working) to 3700X (crashing).

Is it a known problem? Did someone test the new EPYCs?

Regards Andreas

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