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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH lp-metadata 2/3] livepatch: Handle arbitrary size names with the list operation

On 15 Aug 2019, at 17:29, Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 15/08/2019 16:42, Wieczorkiewicz, Pawel wrote:
Thanks Julien. I will do that next time (unless you guys want me to
re-send all this ;-)).

BTW, I also pushed my changes onto the xenbits server:

I hope that makes navigation and dealing with the swarm of patches a
bit easier.

Please (re)send two patch series, one for Xen and one for build tools. 
Even for he subset you posted before, I can't figure out whether they're
ok to push straight away, or need more review.  This will be far easier
to do in one single go (per repo).

My workflow for series is something like this:

First, confirm your git settings (details as appropriate)

$ git config -l | grep sendemail
sendemail.smtpserver= $SERVER
sendemail.to=Xen-devel <xen-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
sendemail.from= $ME <$ME@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Second, render the patch series:

$ mkdir foo-v1
$ cd foo-v1
$ git format-patch master --cover-letter
0001- ....

$ $EDITOR 0000-cover-letter.patch

Fill in as appropriate.  Provide a brief overview, note the subject of
companion series, etc.  I also include the union of all CC'd people in
each patch just below the Subject: header which avoids having to
manually specify them later.  Be aware that it is strict about RFCs, so
has to be Cc: and not CC:

Third, double check everything:

$ git send-email --dry-run *.patch

Fourth, spam the list by dropping the --dry-run.

Fifth, sit back and watch the reviews come in[1].


@Andrew: You just outlined what's in the wiki and what the add_maintainers tool does.

We should chat about the Cc: vs CC: 
* I may need to fix the tool as it uses CC: when used with some options

@Pawel: I submitted 
which once applied ensures that the tools can be used on the live patch build tools


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