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[Xen-devel] Xen / EC2 release criteria proposal

Hey folks! I'm starting a new thread for this to trim the recipient
list a bit and include devel@ and coreos@.

The Story So Far: there is a Fedora release criterion which requires
Fedora to boot on Xen:

"The release must boot successfully as Xen DomU with releases providing
a functional, supported Xen Dom0 and widely used cloud providers
utilizing Xen."

We (QA group) had a discussion about removing this criterion entirely.
That has now morphed into the idea that we should tweak it to be
focused exclusively on the "widely used cloud providers utilizing
Xen"...by which we mean EC2. At the time this criterion was invented,
all EC2 instance types used Xen; now, some still use Xen, and some use

So it seems like this would also be a good opportunity to revisit and
nail down more specifically exactly what our cloud requirements are.
bcotton suggested  that we require two sample instance types to be
tested, c5.large (KVM) and t3.large (Xen). (I've also mailed Thomas
Cameron, ex-of Red Hat, now of Amazon, for his opinion, as it seemed
like it might be worthwhile - he's promised to get back to me).

So, for now, let me propose this as a trial balloon: we rewrite the
above criterion to say:

"Release-blocking cloud disk images must be published to Amazon EC2 as
AMIs, and these must boot successfully and meet other relevant release
criteria on c5.large and t3.large instance types."


1. The test matrix template has an Openstack column, but we never
actually covered Openstack in the release criteria. I think we should
continue to leave it out of the criteria and also remove the column
from the matrix. In the past we tested Openstack boot in the infra
Openstack, but that has gone away or is going away...that means a) we
can't test on Openstack so easily any more and b) a lot of the reason
to bother testing on Openstack is gone. This is up for debate, but if
we believe it's important to test on Openstack and block on working in
that environment we need to have a reliable way to *do* that.

2. The test matrix template also has a 'Local' column which is for
testing locally with testcloud, but I don't think we need to
specifically require that to work in the criteria. It's more of a
testing convenience thing, so even if no-one tests on EC2 we at least
test that the image boots in testcloud; testcloud isn't an environment
you'd actually use to do anything practical in.

3. I believe this wording is generic enough to cover us if we, e.g.,
want to start blocking on CoreOS images. All we have to do is declare
that some CoreOS image is 'release-blocking', and it's instantly
covered by this requirement.
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
IRC: adamw | Twitter: AdamW_Fedora | XMPP: adamw AT happyassassin . net

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