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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC PATCH 0/4] Add missing default labels to switch statements

On 25 Feb 2019, at 13:47, Oleksandr Andrushchenko <andr2000@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 2/25/19 3:40 PM, Julien Grall wrote:

My point is not about sending such code on the mailing list. My point is you need to provide as much as possible details in your cover letter so we can be more efficient when reviewing. For instance, many of us does not have access to MISRA spec because it is not free...
While I agree that one has to provide as much supporting information as possible
while presenting some work to the community it is that I cannot disclose
MISRA rules here. As you said, MISRA spec is not free. And of course I cannot
expect anyone to by it for the reason that someone wants some patch to be
"securely" or blindly reviewed. (BTW, this is the topic that has already been
raised in our team internally and being discussed)

I understand that MISRA is not free and does not ask you to copy/paste the PDF.

What I ask is provide enough pointer for us to understand how this fits in Xen code base. For instance, a lot of the MISRA rules have explanation online (see website such as [1] and [2]). Another alternative is to summarize the issues with your own arguments.

Totally agree, I'll try harder next time in finding open sources with rule's

I am wondering, whether it would make sense to buy a set of MISRA C online copies for people who regularly review other people's code (eg. one per active committer). The cost is not that high per license
The problem is that it would exclude a part of the community
There would also be a minimal management overhead

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