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Re: [Xen-devel] XEN on R-CAR H3

On 18.02.19 14:53, Amit Tomer wrote:


I am wondering what Android version you are using. What is your use-case?
We are trying with Android O 8.1 version.

This is our development product
which in addition to Linux guest contains Android P guest.

After making some changes in domU bootargs, we can now see
console service trying to start but goes into loop with message:

[    6.432864] init: starting service 'console'...
[    6.433974] init: property_set("ro.boottime.console", "6432469848")
failed: property already set
[    6.434580] init: setpgid failed for console: Operation not permitted
[    6.434743] init: cannot setexeccon('u:r:shell:s0') for console:
Permission denied
[    6.435434] init: Service 'console' (pid 781) killed by signal 6
[    6.435483] init: Sending signal 9 to service 'console' (pid 781)
process group...
[    6.435608] init: Successfully killed process cgroup uid 2000 pid 781 in 0ms

Not completely sure, but looks like the SELinux issue.

Also, one other query. In order to get graphics and audio up in dom0
kernel, do we
need to load special/proprietary graphics/audio driver with mainline kernel
and Ubuntu Debian rootfs on H3 platform?

Unfortunately, I can't say regarding mainline kernel and Ubuntu Debian rootfs.

We use Linux (as rootfs as well) from Renesas BSP [1] in our DomD. In our development setup we have thin Dom0 (generic ARM V8 machine without any devices assigned), and all devices (including audio/display/graphic) are pass throughed to DomD (driver domain). So this DomD is entirely based on Renesas BSP.

So, I think, if you base your Dom0 (I assume it is 1:1 mapped) on BSP you will get audio/graphic functional out of the box.  But for mainline kernel usage, the out-tree graphics kernel driver should be modified to use recent Linux API.

[1]  https://elinux.org/R-Car/Boards/Yocto-Gen3



Oleksandr Tyshchenko

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