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Re: [Xen-devel] Enhancing Xen's Kconfig infrastructure to support tailored solutions

>>> On 13.02.19 at 03:34, <dpsmith.dev@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The initial focus will be to explore and document the range of possible
> use cases that are of interest to the Xen community. This will be the
> input to a design document that is crafted in conjunction with the Xen
> maintainers, to identify possible approaches to extend the existing
> Kconfig infrastructure to produce tailored instances of Xen.

In EXPERT mode, tailoring is already possible to a certain degree,
and personally I don't see why this couldn't become more fine
grained. EXPERT mode, however, is being disliked in general, first
and foremost due to how one needs to enable it (and keep it

To move away from a model where only a very limited set of
configurations is security supported, the original question would
need to be addressed: How could such a variety remain
manageable both in terms of testing and in terms of the handling
of bug reports? randconfig build testing is a small piece here, but
since it ensures successful builds only, it doesn't go quite far
enough. Plus, of course, the more variations are possible, the
longer it would take for even just a build issue to be noticed.


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