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[Xen-devel] Fetching Xen metrics

Hi there!

Following a Twitter discussion with Netdata people (see https://twitter.com/linuxnetdata/status/1093834441930215425) we would like to help them to build a Netdata plugin [1] for gathering Xen metrics. From the Dom0, no need to access those from the "outside".

Right now, there is RRDs gathered by XAPI [2], but it's a bunch of XML files that we'd like to avoid to parse them (CPU cost). We are talking fetching every second (every 5 secs max), so ideally it should be efficient. On a storage side, it's easier because Netdata already detect mount points and gather IOPS and other kernel things (perfect for a dom0 used as a storage/network privileged domain), so it's OK on this side. It's really on the "compute"/Xen side that we don't know where to start.

Is there any "endpoint" we could fetch some Xen metrics? (equivalent of /proc but for Xen). If not, is there a way we (XCP-ng project) can contribute to expose those metrics? Would it require a Xen modification only or also something in the dom0?

Final question: what kind of Xen metrics would be interesting to monitor in your opinion?

Thanks for your feedback,

Olivier and the whole XCP-ng Team

[1]: Netdata is an agent you deploy on the host, parsing multiple metrics and deliver beautiful live dashboards, see a demo here: https://london.my-netdata.io/default.html#;theme=slate

[2]: we intend to do embed that in a future XCP-ng release

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