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Re: [Xen-devel] Ping: libfsimage path/file name changes

Jan Beulich writes ("Ping: libfsimage path/file name changes"):
> On 28.01.19 at 08:55, <JBeulich@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > back in October you've added quite a number of "xen" prefixes to
> > various pieces there. Now that I've finally had time to connect this
> > change of yours with PV domain creation failures that I've since
> > been observing (not a bug in any way, merely resulting from the
> > fact that I'm running everything straight from the build tree) I
> > started wondering whether the environment variable inspected
> > by common/fsimage_plugin.c:load_plugins() shouldn't then also
> > gain a "XEN" prefix.
> I think this wants a resolution one way or the other for 4.12, i.e.
> either we stick to what is there also after 4.12, or we do the
> additional change for the same release as where all your other
> changes have been made.

Yes, IMO it should.  I will send a patch.

Also I have had reports of trouble with pygrub in the Debian Xen
packages, which I need to investigate and this may generate a further
patch or two.

Juergen, would that be OK with you in principle ?  (I will ask again
for a formal release ack on concrete patch(es).)


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