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[Xen-devel] [PATCH] docs: remove ChangeLog file

docs/ChangeLog has been updated for Xen 3.3 last time. It seems to be
interesting for archaeologists only today.

Remove it.

Signed-off-by: Juergen Gross <jgross@xxxxxxxx>
 docs/ChangeLog | 135 ---------------------------------------------------------
 1 file changed, 135 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 docs/ChangeLog

diff --git a/docs/ChangeLog b/docs/ChangeLog
deleted file mode 100644
index 58531f3699..0000000000
--- a/docs/ChangeLog
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,135 +0,0 @@
-This file contains a list of changes and additions to the API/ABI that
-might affect cross-OS compatibility or otherwise impact OS
-implementations, in particular any changes to hypervisor interfaces and
-the inter-domain protocols. When making such a change you are expected
-to add it here (bonus points for a link to fuller documentation). New
-entries should be part of the patch making the change (so the history of
-this file will give the relevant changeset), added to the top of the
-file, and in a format like:
-2008-01-08 Add ChangeLog file
-Add a ChangeLog file indicating changes to the API/ABI, as discussed
-Xen 3.4 release (and later)
-This file not updated.
-Xen 3.3 release
-17974: PHYSDEVOP_manage_pci_add/PHYSDEVOP_manage_pci_remove
-17903: Add greater than 16 xvd device availability
-The tools can now attach a disk of the form:
-(1<<28) | (device<<8) | partition
-to support many more xvd disks and up to 256 partitions.
-The linux guest frontend has been expanded to support
-this new construct, while legacy guests should just ignore it.
-17538: Add XENPF_set_processor_pminfo
-17537: Add MSI support
-17524: Add DOMCTL_set_cpuid to configure guest CPUID on x86 systems.
-17336: Add platform capabilities field to XEN_SYSCTL_physinfo
-17289: PV framebuffer dynamic resolution facility
-Guest may send XENFB_TYPE_RESIZE if feature-resize=1 in
-xenstore of the backend VNC server. VNC server code sets
-feature-resize if it can handle the resize request.
-New xenstore command to allow an arbitrary domain to inherit the
-privileges of another (in addition to its own).
-16856: XEN_DOMCTL_set_target
-New domctl command to give an arbitrary domain dom0-magnitude privileges
-over an arbitrary other.
-16725: XENFEAT_mmu_pt_update_reserve_ad
-New feature flag available via the version hypercall indicates whether the
-Xen host supports MMU_PT_UPDATE_PRESERVE_AD for this guest.
-16724: CPUID feature flag for MMU_PT_UPDATE_PRESERVE_AD hypercall
-The x86 CPUID_4000_0002_ECX[0] flag indicates whether the Xen host
-supports MMU_PT_UPDATE_PRESERVE_AD for this guest.
-A subcommand of the x86-only mmu_update() hypercall to allow batched
-updates of pagetable entries, while atomically preserving the current
-status of accessed and dirty bits in each entry.
-Xen 3.2 release
-16592: XEN_DOMCTL_test_assign_device
-Test VT-d device assignability in xend. If VT-d is not enabled, or the
-device is not exist, or the device has already been assigned to other
-domain, it fails and quits the domain creation.
-16549: GNTST_address_too_big
-32-on-64 related additional error return.
-16512: XEN_DOMCTL_set_opt_feature
-Allows the domain builder to set optimization features for a guest. This
-is currently only used by the IA64 domain builder to identify identity
-mapped regions based on the guest_os_type specified in the domain config
-file. Other architectures may extend this domctl to enable features
-specific to their architecture.
-16504: flush cache disk op
-Adds a BLKIF_OP_FLUSH_DISKCACHE request. The backend is expected to ask
-underlying storage to flush its cache upon receiving this request.
-Backend advertises availability via 'feature-flush-cache' xenstore node.
-Needed for correct behaviour of disk-cache-aware filesystems such as
-16425: multicast notifications
-operations to the networking driver, which it uses to request multicast
-addresses it's interested in. Available if the backend has
-'feature-multicast-control', requested by the frontend with
-'request-multicast-control'. Used by Solaris: this avoids having to
-always put the backend's underlying networking device into promiscuous
-16402: gnttab page attributes
-Adds new grant tab flags for table entries. 
-Older changes are not recorded further.

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