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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v5 01/15] libxl: Design of an async API to issue QMP commands to QEMU

Anthony PERARD writes ("[PATCH v5 01/15] libxl: Design of an async API to issue 
QMP commands to QEMU"):
> All the functions will be implemented in later patches.

This patch looks good to me.  Although it's a bit odd to mix some
typedef name shuffling in the same patch, I think it's OK here given
that the rest is API commentary.

> +/*
> + * QMP asynchronous calls
> + *
> + * This facility allows a command to be sent to QEMU, and the response to be
> + * handed to a callback function.
> + *
> + * Commands can be chained, with a same connection. (e.g. "add-fd" will need 
> to
> + * be chained to the next command). A libxl__ev_qmp can be reused when the
> + * callback is been called in order to use the same connection.

I think the word `chained' here could do with definition.  I think you
just mean that they are on the same connection which remains
Active/Connected throughout ?

Also, can you please wrap the commentary lines to 70 or 75 columns ?
Your current 79-character lines get wrap damage when displayed in 80
columns with the added `+' and are worse when `> ' is added.


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