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[Xen-devel] preparations for 4.11.1 and 4.8.5


both releases are due in about a month's time. Please point out
backports you find missing from their respective staging branches,
but which you consider relevant. On top of what I've just pushed
there I have

2fb57e4bee      x86: silence false log messages for plain "xpti" / "pv-l1tf"
51e0cb4593      x86: split opt_xpti
0b89643ef6      x86: split opt_pv_l1tf
8743d2dea5      x86: fix "xpti=" and "pv-l1tf=" yet again
e30c47cd8b      vtd: add missing check for shared EPT...

queued already - no need to point these out separately.

I've noticed only now that even 4.8.4 has gone out already after
its full support time period was over, due to the significant delay
between its preparations announcement and it actually having
become ready. Since its tree was maintained as if another stable
release would be done, I think we will want to cut such a release.
In that event, 4.8.5 is going to be the last XenProject coordinated
release from that branch. If we decide otherwise, we'd then
announce after the fact that 4.8.4 actually was.


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