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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] build: sync Kconfig with Linux v4.17

> >>> Working patch by patch isn't feasible because of the renames.
> >> 
> >> I don't understand - how does path/file naming conflict with working
> >> patch by patch? Surely a relatively simple sed command could be used
> >> to change the paths in each patch according to our tree layout. That's
> >> basically what I'm doing with the MWAIT idle driver; granted, that's just
> >> a single file.
> > 
> > Its 106 commits between the last time I got this in sync. We also don’t 
> > have 
> > kbuild and we have a little shim file to map things to our build system so 
> > for each patch I would have to implement some of those regressions.
> Well, I still don't understand: You had to make those 106 commits apply
> to your tree as well in order to have create the patch you've submitted.
> Whatever you did (even if you created a giant patch first and massaged
> that one), the same could have been done for the individual commits. If
> this indeed takes more than a simple sed invocation, perhaps it would be
> worth adding a little script to our repo doing just that?

So I didn't take those 106 commits individually as it was indicated that
would have been NACKed. I didn't even use git proper, I ultimately checked
out the tag in my linux.git and used cp to copy the files over that I
mentioned in the commit message. Then I removed the files that went away
in Linux. I then attempted to build it and fixed up paths and other
snippets until it all worked. Its a manual process in its very nature.

Originally when I proposed bringing in Kconfig I had used a script
that maintained things in the same paths as Linux and indeed allowed us
to just pull in patches from Linux. I believe the original RFC for
adding Kconfig started with Linux v4.1 or v4.2 and I had used that
script to update the final version to v4.3. This was ultimately not used
because the Xen-specific changes we make (e.g. paths changed, removal of
tests, use of Config.mk) that ultimately this a manual process.

Ultimately are you looking for v2 to be which of the following:
- a series of 106 patches where each one is editted with the necessary
  changes to make it work standalone (e.g. paths fixed, removal of
- a series of 107 patches where I merely sed each patch to put the files
  in the right place and then include a final commit with all the
  various fixups
- a series of 2 patches where the 106 as squashed into one commit and
  then the 2nd patch does the various fixups
- the current patch with details about the process documented in
  README.source (which is a Xen specific file) and an expanded commit
- another option I didn't elaborate here

Let me know and I can rework it anyway necessary.

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