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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC PATCH 12/12] PM / hibernate: update the resume offset on SNAPSHOT_SET_SWAP_AREA

(sorry for top-posting)

Well, not completely broken. It just required a restart for the offset setting 
to take an effect.

On 6/14/18, 12:46, "Pavel Machek" <pavel@xxxxxx> wrote:

    > From: Aleksei Besogonov <cyberax@xxxxxxxxxx>
    > The SNAPSHOT_SET_SWAP_AREA is supposed to be used to set the hibernation
    > offset on a running kernel to enable hibernating to a swap file.
    > However, it doesn't actually update the swsusp_resume_block variable. As
    > a result, the hibernation fails at the last step (after all the data is
    > written out) in the validation of the swap signature in
    > mark_swapfiles().
    > Before this patch, the command line processing was the only place where
    > swsusp_resume_block was set.
    Are you saying that suspend-to-file was broken, even on
    non-virtualized systems?
    If so, we may this to go in first...
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