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Re: [Xen-devel] [xen-unstable test] 123379: regressions - FAIL

  • To: Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx>, Ian Jackson <Ian.Jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • From: Juergen Gross <jgross@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2018 11:02:04 +0200
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  • Delivery-date: Wed, 13 Jun 2018 09:02:12 +0000
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On 13/06/18 10:58, Andrew Cooper wrote:
> On 13/06/18 09:52, Juergen Gross wrote:
>> On 12/06/18 17:58, Juergen Gross wrote:
>>> On 08/06/18 12:12, Juergen Gross wrote:
>>>> On 07/06/18 13:30, Juergen Gross wrote:
>>>>> On 06/06/18 11:40, Juergen Gross wrote:
>>>>>> On 06/06/18 11:35, Jan Beulich wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> On 05.06.18 at 18:19, <ian.jackson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>  test-amd64-i386-libvirt-qemuu-debianhvm-amd64-xsm 14 
>>>>>>>>>> guest-saverestore.2 
>>>>>>>> I thought I would reply again with the key point from my earlier mail
>>>>>>>> highlighted, and go a bit further.  The first thing to go wrong in
>>>>>>>> this was:
>>>>>>>> 2018-05-30 22:12:49.320+0000: xc: Failed to get types for pfn batch 
>>>>>>>> (14 = Bad address): Internal error
>>>>>>>> 2018-05-30 22:12:49.483+0000: xc: Save failed (14 = Bad address): 
>>>>>>>> Internal error
>>>>>>>> 2018-05-30 22:12:49.648+0000: libxl-save-helper: complete r=-1: Bad 
>>>>>>>> address
>>>>>>>> You can see similar messages in the other logfile:
>>>>>>>> 2018-05-30 22:12:49.650+0000: libxl: 
>>>>>>>> libxl_stream_write.c:350:libxl__xc_domain_save_done: Domain 3:saving 
>>>>>>>> domain: domain responded to suspend request: Bad address
>>>>>>>> All of these are reports of the same thing: xc_get_pfn_type_batch at
>>>>>>>> xc_sr_save.c:133 failed with EFAULT.  I'm afraid I don't know why.
>>>>>>>> There is no corresponding message in the host's serial log nor the
>>>>>>>> dom0 kernel log.
>>>>>>> I vaguely recall from the time when I had looked at the similar Windows
>>>>>>> migration issues that the guest is already in the process of being 
>>>>>>> cleaned
>>>>>>> up when these occur. Commit 2dbe9c3cd2 ("x86/mm: silence a pointless
>>>>>>> warning") intentionally suppressed a log message here, and the
>>>>>>> immediately following debugging code (933f966bcd x86/mm: add
>>>>>>> temporary debugging code to get_page_from_gfn_p2m()) was reverted
>>>>>>> a little over a month later. This wasn't as a follow-up to another patch
>>>>>>> (fix), but following the discussion rooted at
>>>>>>> https://lists.xenproject.org/archives/html/xen-devel/2017-06/msg00324.html
>>>>>> That was -ESRCH, not -EFAULT.
>>>>> I've looked a little bit more into this.
>>>>> As we are seeing EFAULT being returned by the hypervisor this either
>>>>> means the tools are specifying an invalid address (quite unlikely)
>>>>> or the buffers are not as MAP_LOCKED as we wish them to be.
>>>>> Is there a way to see whether the host was experiencing some memory
>>>>> shortage, so the buffers might have been swapped out?
>>>>> man mmap tells me: "This implementation will try to populate (prefault)
>>>>> the whole range but the mmap call doesn't fail with ENOMEM if this
>>>>> fails. Therefore major faults might happen later on."
>>>>> And: "One should use mmap(2) plus mlock(2) when major faults are not
>>>>> acceptable after the initialization of the mapping."
>>>>> With osdep_alloc_pages() in tools/libs/call/linux.c touching all the
>>>>> hypercall buffer pages before doing the hypercall I'm not sure this
>>>>> could be an issue.
>>>>> Any thoughts on that?
>>>> Ian, is there a chance to dedicate a machine to a specific test trying
>>>> to reproduce the problem? In case we manage to get this failure in a
>>>> reasonable time frame I guess the most promising approach would be to
>>>> use a test hypervisor producing more debug data. If you think this is
>>>> worth doing I can write a patch.
>>> Trying to reproduce the problem in a limited test environment finally
>>> worked: doing a loop of "xl save -c" produced the problem after 198
>>> iterations.
>>> I have asked a SUSE engineer doing kernel memory management if he
>>> could think of something. His idea is that maybe some kthread could be
>>> the reason for our problem, e.g. trying page migration or compaction
>>> (at least on the test machine I've looked at compaction of mlocked
>>> pages is allowed: /proc/sys/vm/compact_unevictable_allowed is 1).
>>> In order to be really sure nothing in the kernel can temporarily
>>> switch hypercall buffer pages read-only or invalid for the hypervisor
>>> we'll have to modify the privcmd driver interface: it will have to
>>> gain knowledge which pages are handed over to the hypervisor as buffers
>>> in order to be able to lock them accordingly via get_user_pages().
>>> While this is a possible explanation of the fault we are seeing it might
>>> be related to another reason. So I'm going to apply some modifications
>>> to the hypervisor to get some more diagnostics in order to verify the
>>> suspected kernel behavior is really the reason for the hypervisor to
>>> return EFAULT.
>> I was lucky. Took only 39 iterations this time.
>> The debug data confirms the theory that the kernel is setting the PTE to
>> invalid or read only for a short amount of time:
>> (XEN) fixup for address 00007ffb9904fe44, error_code 0002:
>> (XEN) Pagetable walk from 00007ffb9904fe44:
>> (XEN)  L4[0x0ff] = 0000000458da6067 0000000000019190
>> (XEN)  L3[0x1ee] = 0000000457d26067 0000000000018210
>> (XEN)  L2[0x0c8] = 0000000445ab3067 0000000000006083
>> (XEN)  L1[0x04f] = 8000000458cdc107 000000000001925a
>> (XEN) Xen call trace:
>> (XEN)    [<ffff82d0802abe31>] __copy_to_user_ll+0x27/0x30
>> (XEN)    [<ffff82d080272edb>] arch_do_domctl+0x5a8/0x2648
>> (XEN)    [<ffff82d080206d5d>] do_domctl+0x18fb/0x1c4e
>> (XEN)    [<ffff82d08036d1ba>] pv_hypercall+0x1f4/0x43e
>> (XEN)    [<ffff82d0803734a6>] lstar_enter+0x116/0x120
>> The page was writable again when the page walk data has been collected,
>> but A and D bits still are 0 (which should not be the case in case the
>> kernel didn't touch the PTE, as the hypervisor read from that page some
>> instructions before the failed write).
>> Starting with the Xen patches now...
> Given that walk, I'd expect the spurious pagefault logic to have kicked
> in, and retried.
> Presumably the spurious walk logic saw the non-present/read-only mappings?

I guess so.

Otherwise my debug coding wouldn't have been called...


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